The Beginnings

#iamthatstatistic was started by the Stillbirth Foundation Australia on October 15th, 2015 in collaboration with likeminded organisations that support the families who have experienced stillbirth.

Our Mission

#iamthatstatistic aims to raise awareness of stillbirth by uniting families who have experienced stillbirth and building an Australia-wide community of supporters. We are a movement capable of removing the ‘taboo’ that surrounds this national health issue.

Going beyond pregnancy loss day

#iamthatstatistic is more than a site campaign. #iamthatstatistic is a movement that has the power to break the silence on stillbirth and demonstrate the breadth of this invisible issue in Australia for years to come.


Babies are stillborn every year in Australia


Australian familes who experience the devastation everyday


People have added their support to show that #IAMTHATSTATISTIC